Pure developed a range of candles and diffusers to experience life from clients’ perspectives, seeing the whole picture, not just brand development, which we’re now sending out to prospective clients we’d like to work with.

Rather than taking the typical new business approach of presenting credentials, we saw developing and sending out our own products as a radical twist on the concept of the new business mailer, in line with the way modern brands operate – seeking deeper engagement.

If you’ve already received something in the post from Pure, rest assured both product ranges are premium quality. For example, the candle scents are poured in conjunction with wax pouring to ensure even distribution throughout the candle.

There are 5 special scents:

Marshmallow Biscuit Fusion

Chilli Chocolate Explosion

Blackcurrant & White Cedar

Pomegranate & Pear Smoothie

Creamy Vanilla Chocolate Shake

If you would like to receive a diffuser and find out more about Pure, please get in touch. Email David Rogers at with your preferred fragrance.